Introducing the Pistachio Collection by Kathy Yolanda Rice

Unveil the rich tapestry of nature with our latest jewelry masterpiece – The Pistachio Collection. Inspired by the humble yet exquisite pistachio nut, this collection is a celebration of earthy hues, blending greens, browns, and tan/creams into a symphony of elegance.

The Pistachio Legacy: A Journey Through Time 

Embark on a journey through history as we draw inspiration from the origins of the pistachio nut. With roots dating back to ancient times, pistachios have captivated cultures around the world. In the Pistachio Collection, we pay homage to the nut’s Egyptian roots, where it was treasured for its flavorful taste and symbolic significance. Let the echoes of ancient civilizations resonate in each handcrafted piece, connecting you to the grandeur of Egypt’s majestic past.