Gospel Jazz Release with Philip Michael Thomas!

Flesh of My Flesh

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Kathy Yolanda Rice and Philip Michael Thomas tell a wonderful love story in this powerful duet. Their voices create an amazing blend that beckons the listener to make an emotional connection to each romantic note in this anointed love song.

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The Making of Flesh of My Flesh!
“Flesh of My Flesh was recorded utilizing two studios. I recorded my lead and background vocals at Woodaworx Studios, Athens, AL and Philip recorded his vocals and completed the final mix and mastering of the track with David Mikeal at KDS Music Recording Studios in Orlando, Florida.
Flesh of My Flesh, from Philip’s Gospel Musical "EMANUEL”, is one of my favorite compositions. I love it so much because it is faith/Christian based and speaks of what it is like to be loved by a man who knows and fears the Lord. The lyrics convey how wonderful it would be to experience a love blessed by God. I enjoy songs with lyrics and music that will last forever. Philip has shared many of his original compositions with me and they all possess a timeless quality. I was enthusiastic about working with him from the moment I heard him singing “All My Love” on his MySpace Music page. I was impressed to know that he, like me, enjoyed singing in other languages. Our friendship is a gift that I will treasure forever and I know that God is in control of our musical collaboration. As Praises go up, His divine blessings will come down and fill the world with love, peace and music!” ~ Kathy Yolanda Rice
“I have been sharing my music and lyrics with Kathy since we first met on my space music page in 2007. I have enjoyed listening to the smooth tone and texture of Kathy’s voice for over five years now. I always knew that when we chose the right song for us to sing together it would be the cornerstone of our creative collaboration.
When Kathy heard my demo of Flesh of My Flesh, she said that she felt something special about the message in the song and asked me for my permission to sing “Flesh of My Flesh” and the rest is history.
This has been a very unique creative collaboration from the very beginning and I believe that God is in control. Kelvin Wooten and Kathy produced a fabulous master recording of the music from my original demo of Flesh of My Flesh. When I first heard the music track I could feel that it had the love magic vibrations with just the right flavor.
I recorded my lead and background vocal harmonies at KDS Music Recording Studios in Orlando, Florida. The head engineer, David Mikeal and I finished the final vocal mix and mastering of the duet at KDS Music Recording Studios.
I truly have enjoyed working with Kathy and each step we have taken to make Flesh of My Flesh come to a reality was a wonderful and enjoyable process. Ka-thy Yolanda Rice is an in·spir·it·ed, singer that elucidates with perfect pitch and passion! She interprets the melody and lyrics story of each song with her own style and charisma... Each note she sings arouses and inspires and energizes the hungry heart of the listener and we simply fall in love with her melodious (T&T) tone and texture." My prayer is that this cornerstone of our creative union with Flesh of My Flesh, and the love and passion that Kathy and I both share for great music and performing positive lyrics that speak to the heart, will be blessed by God as we sing to the heavens and be fruitful and multiply always and forever..." PMT/ Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas and David Mikeal at KDS Studios

 Philip Michael Thomas

Jazz Single Release!

Love is Like a Sunny Day Official Lyrics Video

Gary Swann, Kathy Yolanda Rice & Kelley Oneal

Produced by Gary Swann for KenGar Productions
Written by Kathy Yolanda Rice/Gary Swann  (C) 2010 All Rights Reserved
Song features Kelley O'Neal on Saxophone, 

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