CD - After All These Years
  • CD - After All These Years
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Reviewer: Marla K. Crosby
This CD is fantastic. It is ideal listening music especially while you are driving. I could drive 1,000 miles and never realize it. I just love the music and the messages it conveys. Better than 5 stars I grant you.

Music you can actually Feel!
Reviewer: Gretchen Baizt
This CD deserves more than 5 stars! It is music you can actually feel. Kathy's voice has one of those distinctive voices that grab you. Her music will take you away ...especially those moments when you need to get away and relax; so listen to it and go with it...enjoy it. Her Music is soothing and at makes you want to dance to it. I especially think that Cloak and Dagger Affair is a huge Hit, as well as Isn’t it a Pity! I would like to see Kathy write more songs like He’s My Friend! That song touched my heart!!!! Through brilliant innovation and a truly unique approach to her music, Kathy Yolanda Rice exposes the listener to a whole new landscape of musical textures, colors, and emotions that challenge and satisfy at the same time. All art forms need artists that are willing to take chances and explore new ground, and Kathy has set a course to take us listeners back to what music is all about. I totally recommend her CD! Her music appeals to listeners of all ages. This is one CD you will be playing 30 years from now and it will be as fresh then as it is today.

An album that tells a Great Story!
Reviewer: Lawrence Bentley
The debut album of Kathy Yolanda Rice is a must listen for fans of Jazz and R&B. Not only did I love the music, but the consistent flow did not require me to lower or raise the volume! Every album tells a story. For me, an album tells a story that I love to hear when it is well written, well arranged and if it is my preferred type of music. An album is further enhanced if the person or group performing wrote the songs themselves. That makes it easier for the artist to place their heart into the song, drawing from the experience that led to its creation. Sure, great writers can write great songs and have them sung by others. But a more personal performance always results when an artist carries an album through the entire process. After All These Years by Kathy Yolanda Rice does just that for me! All 10 songs take me on a smooth urbane ride from beginning to end. If you like hearing the same old story, this album is not for you. But if you love a GREAT story, get After All These Years today and listen to it tonight!

A great collection of vocals with an international flair.
Reviewer: Leigh Boothe
A great collection of vocals with an international flair. This CD will take you from a Smokey jazz cafe to dreaming of far away places. The last song is a gospel inspiration that is both uplifting and touches your soul. I recommend this CD to anyone who wants to dance to the beat or just relax and rejuvenate the soul.

Reviewer: Lantus Tage

Just Buy This CD! You Will Not Be Disappointed!
Kathy Yolanda Rice has an amazingly wonderful voice; it is smooth, clean, jazzy, relaxing. Listening to the title track "After All These Years" proves this to be so. Great music, great sound, great vocals (check out "He's My Friend")! The "After All These Years" CD is a must add to your Adult Contemporary collection .You can play this CD often and not grow tired of it. You can let anybody any age hear it and there will be tracks that they will like. Not only can you relax and mellow out you can get your dance on with "Your Life" and "I'm Amazed". For me there is not a "bad" song on this CD. It is in a word - Timeless! Treat yourself and get this CD!

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