Kathy Yolanda Rice creates images that reflect her African heritage. She is imaginative and colorful in her artistic approach. Kathy credits God and her subconscious memories, inspired by her ancestors, for the tribal traditions and stories that make their way to our reality through her hands.

Being a mom of two girls gives Kathy  a deep sense of spiritual connectivity. She's always felt a strong need to share all that God has given her with her children. From the moment they arrived into this world, they became a part of the plan. "I’ve been able to keep my creative interests alive by bringing them to performances and exhibits throughout my career," says Rice.  " I remember when my eldest was a month old…I had her in the studio with me while a friend and I recorded a song that she had written for Stevie Wonder  to commemorate his birthday. My daughter slept right through all the singing and playing until the project was completed. Until this day, she loves singing and dancing and can’t seem to accomplish anything in her room, from homework to chores, unless the music’s on!  My second child was born during the years that I focused on painting and publishing my line of African art cards, known as Kards by Kathy. She must have caught the artist’s bug, because she’s already winning local art contests!"

Throughout the struggles of motherhood, Kathy never let go of her life long dream of becoming a recording artist. "Motherhood has definitely taught me patience, because children are most often the culprits of the unexpected. When the girls were younger, I carved out time in the wee hours of the night, while they were sleeping, to write music and paint. Now that they’re older, I’m getting a little more rest," Rice reflects. 

 Kathy continues to encourage and inspire others to embrace the mantra that it’s never to late to live your dreams!

The Art of Kathy Yolanda Rice